Thursday, 19 August 2010

Womens Equality Keeps Ruffling Up Those Feathers

In the past we have not had many comments on our various postings and as a result I've been a bit remiss in checking if we've had any recent ones and moderating them. So I was quite surprised to find that we had a whole crop, the vast majority of them in relation to postings on the issue of Bhikkhuni ordination.

The split has been almost 50/50 between supportive comments and those taking offence. Several of the comments have been in the form of people taking the opportunity to wish the sisters well and are attached to the following posts....
Sister Kovida to Leave Chithurst
Sister Thitamedha to Disrobe because of the "Five Points"

As to the "adverse" comments I will let you make up your own minds, all I will say is that most of the commentators don't appear to have read the actual posts very carefully. One correspondent, Freethinker, states "Please do not make out that this is a gender and discrimination issue, because it is not. It is a Thai cultural issue....."
well, that's all right then.

These comments can be found on the following posts....
More on "Nun" Ordinations at Amaravati (plus a good riposte!)
Our Visit to Cittaviveka (there's also a nice one there, thank you Medhina)
A Visit to Chithurst & a Letter from Perth
More Bhikkuni News - not good (I just couldn't "let that one go")
All Change at Amaravati, I Wonder Why? (Interesting to point out that this entire post is a repeated report from Thanissara so the comment seems just a tadge off the mark).

The comment on the post "Vandalism at Chithurst" is just beneath contempt.

I repeat.........

"It is Not the purpose of this site to campaign on political issues, however as a Buddhist site we will continue to promote peace and the welfare of all beings by any appropriate non-violent means".


  1. "...we will continue to promote peace and the welfare of all beings by any appropriate non-violent means."

    Well, you have no violent means at hand. So you can only resort to non-violent means to promote your politicising and judgemental more Christian than Buddhist in approach agenda.

  2. Mindestens Sie zugeben , dass ich nicht werfen die Ziegel (sorry über die schlechte Grammatik)