Thursday, 30 June 2011

4-Fold Sangha Group to Close!

I have just received this from Thanissara....

Dear Friends,

As admin of the current 4-Fold Sangha group (formerly Women & the Forest Sangha group), we have come to the place, in relationship to the life of this group, where we each feel its time to move on.

Right from the groups early beginnings, when a few of us as ex nuns, talked of the consequences of the 5 point process within the UK Forest Sangha, this group has been an offering. It has been an offering of an open space which held a public conversation that was not possible within the walls of the monastery.

The groups intention has always been to maintain that open space to help process the pain and disappointments of the 5 point process and the fall out from the bhikkhuni ordination in Perth in October 2009.

We feel very honored to have shared this journey with those, and each one of us within the admin, who have been truly authentic to their (and our) inner truth while grappling with the consequences of our profound relationship with a community that many of us have given years of our lives to help nourish and build.

During this time we have met wonderful fellow practitioners from all over the world, and have been able to alert people to the growing and unstoppable Bhikkhuni movement. We have also been able to reflect on the Dharma together and the on going challenges of its placement within our contemporary world. Those of us in admin, and many of you who have fed back to us, have experienced this as an enriching and precious process. It has also been very difficult, sometimes contentious, time consuming and sometimes heart rending.

More recently, after experimenting with a change of name and direction, in response to the upgrades in the Facebook group format, it has become clear that the admin of this group have now come to the end of their wish to continue the group and be responsible for its content. We were already at that juncture, of letting the group finish, when Facebook was changing its formatting process.

However it wasn't clear that it was the right time to do that. We now feel it is. To honor the group and each one of you, and each one of us, the original intention, the time and effort to maintain the group, the authenticity and depth of sharing that has been contained within it, we wish to sign off in a wholesome and appreciative way. So we truly thank all of US for our contributions.

We will be holding a simple ceremony on Friday on the new moon,
after which we will wind up the group.

It is possible that some of the great energy that has come through this shared discussion may emerge in a new form or forms... But for now, it's time for a pause.

Again, we wish everyone truly well and extend ourheartfelt thanks to all for the willingness to share and contribute to the process and discussions.

Former W&FS - current 4-Fold Sangha Admin

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