Friday, 28 May 2010

New Section to Site

We have just launched our new Audio section! If you look to the top of this page you will see it listed along with the "Island Buddhist Calendar", our "Dharma Studies", "Video" and "News" sections. As with the video, the audio section is a work in progress.

It is divided into pages; currently with a "Home" page, a "Thought for the Day" page featuring talks by Vishvapani and a "Thursday Talks" section with a selection of popular talks that I have taken along to the Soto Zen group in Newport.

Wesak seems an auspicious occasion to start this off and to make the point it was actually Vishvapani who gave the "Thought for the Day" on Radio 4's Today program this morning. The talk is already on the site, just go to the Audio Section - Thought for the Day and it's listed in chronological order at the bottom of the page - "Images of the Buddha......." enjoy.

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