Friday, 3 April 2015

FULL MOON - Dilemmas


Silence does not denote profundity
if you are ignorant and untrained.
Like one holding scales,
a sage weighs things up,
wholesome and unwholesome,
and comes to know both the inner and outer worlds. 
Therefore the sage is called wise. 

Dhammapada v. 268 – 269

How can we know whether we should act or not act? When faced with a dilemma, the challenge is how to stay tuned to what our heart says, at the same time as being fully open to life’s complexity. Reverting to quietude could be a form of avoidance, but it might also be exactly what is called for. Our outer world is fraught with injustice and inequality; naturally we want to help. Engaged action could be our response, or it might be silent contemplation. It is essential that our decision to act or not act arises out mindful consideration, not out of aversion, and as always, in accord with our precepts.

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