Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Our Hero for 2015

I want to end the year with an uplifting story and it's hard to find a better one than that of Yang Xiaoyun.

You may remember our story from June about the horrors of the annual Yulin dog-eating festival in China.

Well one 66 year old woman has spent over £45,000 to purchase these helpless creatures from their ruthless dealers at Yulin and bring them to her safe house at Tianjin. Last year, Mrs Yang rescued 360 dogs from the festival and to date has saved over 800.

Xiaoyun is a devout Buddhist who believes, “All lives are equal, no matter what happens, I will never give up on them.”

Her determination to save animals started when she rescued a cat that had been thrown into a ditch in Tianjin in 1995, followed by an abandoned disabled Pekingese dog. In 2002 she opened a makeshift dog shelter in the city.

Being a Chinese literature teacher and having a husband who had worked for the government, she was comfortably off. But after her husband died she sold her family's two houses to help fund her dog-saving endeavours. 

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