Monday, 9 May 2016

Want to Buy a Buddha?

If you are after a new Buddha statue for your shrine room and have piles of cash burning a hole in your pocket you might consider visiting Christie's King street auction house this Thursday for their sale of Chinese, Japanese and South-East Asian works of art.

For example this 17th century Gilt-Bronze figure of the Buddha from Thailand, AYUTTHAYA PERIOD, Cast, standing in samabhanga on a lotus base placed on a stepped circular pedestal, both hands in abhayamudra, wearing uttarasangha and samghati secured with a belt, his face with a serene expression and highly carved eyebrows, the eyes inlaid with mother-of-pearl, the curled hair rising to the ushnisha topped with a tall flame 53 ½ in. (136 cm.) high, mounted.

It is estimated at a mere six to ten thousand pounds........................

for a statue of a man who told his followers NOT to make any representations of him but to just earnestly follow his teachings.............

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