Thursday, 16 June 2011

FULL MOON – Thursday 16th June 2011

Those who have renounced
the use of force
in relationship to other beings
whether weak or strong,
who neither kill
nor cause to be killed,
can be called great beings.

Dhammapada 405

We aspire to live with a heart of kindness and wisdom. And it is to these spiritual powers we need to turn when we seek resolution to conflict. On occasions when we don't get our own way we can feel tempted to use force. At an instinctual level part of us might want to fight, manipulate, even be unkind. For this reason we train to prepare ourselves, in advance, so that when the fires of resentment, frustration and disappointment flare up, we don't betray our commitment to reality.

With Metta,

Ajahn Munindo

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