Wednesday, 19 January 2011

FULL MOON – Wednesday 19th January 2011

Here's another in the series of reflections by Ajahn Munindo.

FULL MOON – Wednesday 19th January 2011

Those who are contentious
have forgotten that we all die;
for the wise, who reflect on this fact,
there are no quarrels.

Dhammapada verse 6

In a moment of wakefulness we see the good fortune of our circumstance and how often we take it all for granted. If we lose our health, we long for it to return, promising to value it more in the future.

Should trust be damaged in a valued friendship, we resolve that if this is healed, never again will we allow it to fall into disregard.

Wisdom can arise from regular reflection on what we are likely to lose through heedlessness.

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