Monday, 31 January 2011

Indian Media Accuse The 17th Karmapa of Being Chinese Agent!

The authorities in India have taken it upon themselves to investigate nearly half a million pounds worth of
foreign currency "found" in the Gyuto monastery, the home of Ugyen Thinley Dorje, the 17th Karmapa.

The money was in nearly two dozen foreign currencies, including a large amount of Chinese yuan,the Karmapas' office pointed out that they received support and donations from followers in many countries including Tibet hence the Chinese currency!

It seems that the motivation here may be Indian antagonism against Tibetan exiles purchasing land in the Himalayan region of north India. There has been a long running smear campaign in the Indian media against his Holiness with the suggestions of his being a "Chinese Agent".

Police raided the Gyuto monastery on Thursday and arrested a monk on suspicion of trying to illegally buy land in the region.

The raid followed the arrest of two Indians a day earlier who were found carrying 10 million rupees (£14,000) in cash, said Santosh Patial, a superintendent of police. On questioning, the two said they had received the money from the monk, an Indian national, to buy a plot of land in Himachal Pradesh where Dharmsala is located.


  1. I am afraid you post the wrong image. Currently, there are 2 Karmapas and the image posted here is not Ugyen Thinley Dorje. He is another Karmapa, Thringly Thaye Dorje. You can check out website for more information. Please check information carefully before posting image since it may cause misunderstanding.

  2. the picture you used is the wrong one. That is the other Karmapa (see karmapa controvesy) trinley thaye dorje, you are looking for Ogyen Trinley Dorje.

  3. wrong picture! is the other Karmapa candidate that is in trouble

  4. Sorry about that, did it all in a bit of a rush! Thanks to everyone for pointing it out, it's great to have some feed-back.

  5. Hi seems there is bit of confusion .The above picture is the right one of his holiness ogyen trinley dorjee.What ever the case,he is innocent and Indian media are just making fake accusation .As, that is how the media works there , there news are based on lie and exxageration