Monday, 17 January 2011

Protest Against Buddhist "Idol Worshipers"

Yad L'Achim, an "anti-missionary" organisation, has issued a warning against a new Buddhist centre which is set to open in Israel’s Arava region.

According to the warning, an agreement was recently signed by the Central Arava Regional Council and a non-profit organization by the name ‘Wisdom and Intelligence’ which allocates hundreds of acres in the Arava for the establishment of a ‘spiritual university’.

Yad L’Achim (which in Hebrew means "hand for brothers") says it has been approached by concerned local residents who asked the organization to take action to prevent the centre from opening. The organization subsequently looked into ‘Wisdom and Intelligence’ and found that its members are Buddhists. The project is headed by Lama Dvora Tzvieli (bit of a give away). The group says that the site is ideal for its retreats and meditations since it is large and desolate. It adds that it also hopes to take advantage of its proximity to Jordan to help bring peace.

Proselytising is legal in Israeli law by any religion, including Judaism, except in the case of minors.

According to Yad L'Achim an important part of Buddhism is devotion to the Buddha, and this includes bowing to images of the Buddha as well as to religious superiors, something which they consider idol worship, clearly prohibited in the Ten Commandments.

Leader of Yad L'Achim, Rabbi Lifshitz wrote: “Buddhism is idolatry in every sense of the word and there is no doubt that every step possible must be taken to stop the construction of this idolatry centre.”

p.s. They don't like Jews marrying Arabs either, no surprise there then.

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  1. Shalom,

    Do you have the contact info of the staff of this center in Israel? My name is Joshua, I am a lawyer working for an organization which promotes religious freedom and civil rights called the Jerusalem Institue of Justice.

    We have submitted a request to disolve Yad Leachim because of its ilegal activities to the Attorney General. We would like to contact them for potential cooperation on his issue.